Hiking in South Tyrol. Heed the call of the mountains.

South Tyrol is a paradise for hiking in beautiful surrounding.

From gentle paths to high-altitude trails that make your head spin: You can always count on stunning views.

Tired legs are rewarded with views that are breathtaking in every sense.

And once you have made it to the summit, all the efforts of the climb will have been worth it. You’re a million miles away from the daily grind. The mountains give you valuable insights and stunning perspectives. Freedom, combined with a sense of belonging.

Hiking is an authentic experience that grounds us and makes us humble, while giving so much joy at the same time.

Take the first step

Conquer the mountains. To make sure that you will always find your way, we will provide you with the most important information on the South Tyrolean trail network before you set out, share some valuable insider’s tips with you and help you choose the right equipment. 

And sometimes we’ll be starting out together.

Go further

Step for step, we make our way up the mountain. The cragged rock faces glimmer in the sunshine, the alpine meadows are wet with dew and the pine trees give off a lively aroma.

And once you have reached your destination, put in a rest stop in a traditional mountain hut, where South Tyrolean specialties such as hearty “Schlutzkrapfen” and/or a plate of sweet “Kaiserschmarren” await.

Thus fortified, you are ready for the rest of your journey. After all, the sun is already disappearing behind the mountain peaks, making way for a sea of stars.

You’ve made it. Welcome back to paradise

Take off your hiking boots and immerse yourself in pure relaxation. Tired hikers will find whatever they need to replenish their energy reserves at Hotel Das Sonnenparadies.