South Tyrol and beautiful Merano

Discover South Tyrol. Feel the joy.

When God created the world, he made South Tyrol on a Sunday. Our home is filled with beauty, variety, diversity.

South Tyrol comes with mountains and lakes, the perpetual ice of the glaciers, the gentle hills of the vineyards. South Tyrol builds bridges – between cultural opposites, between the tradition and the modern, between natural monuments and cultural highlights.



Glittering spa town. This is Merano. 


Characterful alleys. Exquisite boutiques. Places made to enjoy the good things in life. Nowhere else in South Tyrol are the contrasts of this unique region as tangible as they are around beautiful Merano.

Enjoy the fresh mountain air of the surrounding glaciers before taking a stroll through the Old Town with its Italian flair. 

The mountains are the roof that protects the city, ensuring pleasantly mild temperatures all year round.

The city is surrounded by vineyards and blooming apple orchards.

Merano’s past as a spa resort for the wealthy is still visible in beautifully restored buildings from the Belle Epoque, interspersed with medieval arcades and courtyards and world-class contemporary architecture that opens up new perspectives of the present.

Faced with all these attractions, it isn’t easy to decide what to see first. 

Wherever you start – Merano is sure to make you want to come back.

"Kunst Meran"

The contemporary art museum of Meran in the “Haus der Sparkasse” harbours an impressive range of modern art by Italian and international artists.

Well-established names are presented side by side with new discoveries.

A must for guests who are eager to enjoy modern-day elements as well the historic glory of Merano.

The museum also frequently organises special culinary events to complement its cultural focus.

Merano Arcades

The “Laubengasse” of Merano is much more than your average high street.

For more than 800 years, it has been lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. The glamorous street goes back to Meinhard II. His goal was to make the economic and cultural rise of Merano shown.

Today, the Arcades are a wonderfully pleasant, elegant location for window-shopping and enjoying an aperitif in the sunshine and in good company.

Touriseum – South Tyrol Museum of Tourism

The former rooms of Empress Elisabeth and Emperor Franz Joseph I today house the world’s first museum dedicated to alpine tourism.

The vividly presented exhibition takes you on a fascinating journey through time, presenting more than 200 years of tourism history.

Original footage, pictures and models open up an entirely new perspective on the lust for travel.

Botanical Gardens of Trautmansdorff Castle

Without any doubt one of the world’s most beautiful gardens: The botanical gardens of Trautmansdorff Castle stretch across an area 12 hectares and are shaped like a Roman amphitheatre.

In more than 80 different sections, plants from all over the world grow and flourish, from local flowers to exotic palm forests. Theme stations perfectly complement this experience of nature.

Faced with this natural bounty, the castle itself, formerly the favourite spa destination of “Sisi”, Austria’s best-known Empress, almost fades into the background.

However, don’t miss it when you come to visit – its imposing structure today houses the Touriseum.

Rametz Castle Wine Museum

Merano’s wine museum provides a fascinating overview of the long history of winemaking in the region. Ancient tools and means of transport are on display here. 

After their guided tour, visitors are invited to try a few exquisite vintages during a wine tasting, including a South Tyrolean “Marendeteller”, a cold platter with homemade bacon, and salami.

Prince’s Castle of Merano

The Prince’s Castle was the seat of the powerful Tyrolean rulers in Merano. Archduke Sigismund had this small castle built near the town hall in the 15th century.

The complex resembles a collection of ornate houses rather than a castle. Both the architecture and the interior design harbour a wealth of historic treasures, such as wood-panelled halls.

A visit is warmly recommended for those interested in art and history.

Thanks to its city centre location close to the fashionable arcades, the castle is easy to reach.