Das Schloss Tirol mit dem Blick auf die Stadt Meran im Hintergrund

Art & culture in South Tyrol

Let yourself be inspired, fascinated and enchanted.

The Hotel Das Sonnenparadies is a wonderful starting point for a cultural holiday in South Tyrol that will amaze you. Spend the night in spacious suites, wake up energised and rested, in perfect shape to discover our multi-faceted cultural offer.

South Tyrol awaits with a thrilling blend of historic monuments, impressive museums, galleries and heritage sites as well as several sophisticated cities.

Whether you are interested in modern art or historic architecture, picturesque city centres or well-assorted farmers’ markets: You will be amazed at the choice and the sumptuousness on offer.

We have it all: Nature and culture. Tradition and innovation.

Art museum. Museum art.

South Tyrol’s many museums present contemporary art as well as works by the Old Masters.

The buildings themselves also stand out as works of art, with subtle, sophisticated architecture that skilfully forges links between the old and the new.

The collections of the Bolzano Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Benedictine Monastery of Marienberg are well worth a visit.


We recommend:

Meran: Kunst Meran

Castles & churches

Throning high upon a rock, often in remote locations, the 800 castles and palaces of South Tyrol are truly impressive sights. Their palatial splendour was meant to impress and served military as well as representational purposes. They still bear witness to the prosperity and flourishing culture of South Tyrol.


We recommend:

Wolfsthurn Castle

Pulsating flair. Strolling & shopping in South Tyrol’s cities and towns.

They all come with their own inimitable flair, from the region’s capital of Bolzano to historic villages in sunny locations such as Schenna and are just waiting to be explored and discovered.

All year round, the towns and cities of South Tyrol await with all kinds of events and historic sights, making them incredibly rewarding travel destinations.

Don’t miss a trip to a local farmer’s market, the best places to experience local culture and tradition, where Italian design meets artisan products.

Each and every one of our cities and town is different – but what they all have in common is an irrepressible zest for all the good things in life.


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